Selling a Collection

If you have a stamp or postcard collection to sell then we might be able to help you. Herne Bay Philatelic Society have members with a wide range of knowledge of the hobby and are always happy to help and advise others, so if you are looking to sell a collection we might be able to find a local collector to purchase it directly from you, or we can guide you through the auction process either through local stamp club auctions for relatively low value collections to major auction houses for larger, more valuable collections. For further details please email our auction secretary Ryan Epps on 

Information on the value of stamps

Just because a stamp is old it does not necessarily make it valuable, the vast majority of stamps even from the 19th Century have survived in huge quantities and are often of little value and the condition of the stamp is paramount to any value. “Childhood” collections tend to contain all world stamps from packets produced for the pocket money market and such collections are rarely of any value. Modern issues, Royal Weddings etc and post 1960s first day covers were issued in vast numbers and unfortunately have limited resale value.